Chromatic Tuner for tuning your instruments with microphone

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NEW version 05.03.2016:
* Accuracy encreased for low notes like E2
* Previews version showed last recognized note. It was inconvenient as last one usualy most quiet and was recognized incorrect. Now it shows peach notes.

This chromatic tuner helps you tune guitar with microphone. You can also use it for other instruments as web tuner shows you playing notes from chromatic scale. The app setted up with A=440hz (other settings wil be added soon).

You should allow access to the microphone and your browser should support Adobe Flash. If your mic. correctly setted up you will able to see playing notes, estimated frequencies and deviation. If you see only black screen,  please check whether you gave acces to your microphone(Google Chrome for example shows additional popup on top of the browser). Tunner shows playing notes only if volume highter than minimum value. This have been made  to reduce noice effects, so if your mic too quiet you can setup it by moving right slider down.
If you see some strange results try to reload page.

I will support this app by adding new feautures. So am open for suggestions and requests. I am interested in developing tools that can help learning harmonica, guitar and other instruments.


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  1. Mira Martini

    Can I please cite your website for my experiment? To properly cite it I would need a full name and year of publishing… would that be alright?

  2. mira

    Hi um i’m using your very useful tuner here for a math experiment do you by any chance know the percentage error of your program? (Hz ± 0.0something Hz)
    It’d be a great help if your response was timely!!

    • bobrokrol

      Algorythm has has limittios of accuracy depends on frequency. High freqncies is less accurate. I do not remember what exacly relation and it depends on wich window size is used for FFT in current version. It’s algorythm limitations and of course there are errors related to noice and microphone quality. If we talk about algorithm limitation than accuracy could be calculated for each frequency according to formulas it decreases for highter frequencies

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