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Guitar Tuner – Free Tune is one of the fastest, easiest and accurate guitar tuners You can easily tune your guitar by using built-in microphone. Works for other string instruments in chromatic mode.


Although it optimized for acoustic guitar, it can be used for other string instruments or even to find peach of the voice Tuner in chromatic mode:

  • Tune to any note on the scale
  • Chromatic Mode recognizes each of the 12 chromatic steps of the equal-tempered scale Guitar tuner presets:

Tuning presets:

  1. Standard Tuning Drop D
  2. Drop C
  3. Double Drop D
  4. Open D
  5. Open C
  6. Open G
  7. Celtic tuning

Tuner works in A440 — the musical pitch corresponding to an audio frequency of 440 Hz, which serves as a tuning standard for the musical note of A App also include chords book, with over 2 000 guitar chords and chord variants. Simple design allows you to find chord fingerings and their variants. In addition, you can play chords sound to verify you are playing the chord right.


  1. Mira Martini

    Can I please cite your website for my experiment? To properly cite it I would need a full name and year of publishing… would that be alright?

  2. mira

    Hi um i’m using your very useful tuner here for a math experiment do you by any chance know the percentage error of your program? (Hz ± 0.0something Hz)
    It’d be a great help if your response was timely!!

    • bobrokrol

      Algorythm has has limittios of accuracy depends on frequency. High freqncies is less accurate. I do not remember what exacly relation and it depends on wich window size is used for FFT in current version. It’s algorythm limitations and of course there are errors related to noice and microphone quality. If we talk about algorithm limitation than accuracy could be calculated for each frequency according to formulas it decreases for highter frequencies

  3. OleOle

    This is one of the easiest tuners I’ve ever seen. I am new to guitar so if it’s out of tune hard to learn. This tuner works wonderfully!!

  4. Mishel

    Thanx for ur guitar tuner, it help me a lot to tune guitar correctly with the correct pitch of strings sound and Its very easy to correct your guitar string

  5. Скачать книги

    Здравствуйте! Tunerr is a revolutionary online tuner which tells you what note you are playing and whether it is in tune. It requires Flash Player 10.

  6. microMax

    I had problems with embeded microphone, accuracy was worst and tuner showed wrong notes. But then I tried USB mic and tunning became perfect! Thanls for good online tunerr!

  7. bearbbebebe

    This guitar tunner is awesome . Simple and accurate It made my work easier and tuning through this is perfect. After I tried it my hair started growing faster and muscules become bigger!

  8. blues-player

    My guitar was out of tune for a years. But now after I’ve tunned it with this online tool am happy and ready for a new impressions.

  9. alexeandros

    This tuner doesn’t work on my mac pro. But other online tuners( I tried tunerr and proGuitarTuner) doesnt work too. What is the problem and how It could be solved?

    • Hosting

      This site enables you to tune your guitar for free right in your browser. The tuner is chromatic, accurate and automatic.

  10. bigbadabum

    doesn’t work. I’ve seen microphone dialog and accepted access to the mic but tuner doesn’t show anything 🙁

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